Become a PPC management Pro with ProAdly

ProAdly is your PPC fitness studio:
Top analyses and training tools, personal coach,

exciting training sessions and workouts.

  • Start-checkup for your account

  • KPI Dashboard: gives an overview and control

  • Traffic light function: shows the current account fitness status

  • Google Shopping Optimizer: analyses thousands of products

  • Ad Tester: assists with writing effective ads

  • ProAdly Coach: trains you and your PPC management skills (#coming soon)

Reach all your goals with the following top features

Monitoring & Overview # KPI Dashboard

Get a good Overview of your account’s performance with
the lean KPI dashboard and the traffic light funtion.

Easily check your account’s status with the KPI dashboard. Values in black are all alright. Areas in green show positive development, whereas red KPIs show a negative trend which you should have a look at.
Important KPI values are collected and listed:

  • Impressions
  • Clicks
  • CTR
  • Conversion Rate
  • Conversions
  • Revenue
  • Cost
  • CPV (Cost Per Value)

Optimization of every product
# Google Shopping Optimizer

Cost-per-revenue-analysis of all products

The Google Shopping Optimizer permanently analyses products’ performance. Underperforming products are identified and lower bids are calculated. For those best performing products increase of reach is considered. Finally you can effectively manage and optimize thousands of products.

  • huge savings in time and effort on Google Shopping optimization

  • Identification of underperforming products by analysing cost and revenue

  • Bid optimization for all products

  • Analysing an increase of reach for top performers

  • Filter function for selecting single suggestions

  • Documentation and revert function in History

Optimizer will find potential savings in your Google Shopping campaigns, too. See for yourself!

Reduce spend. Save time. Generate growth. Develop staff. Increase efficiency.

Trainer & mentor
# ProAdly Coach

ProAdly is your personal trainer for PPC management. Individual trainings help you develop your accounts and your personal PPC know-how.

Based on your accounts’ development, the ProAdly Coach suggests to you individual trainings and optimizations. New tools and features are opened up together and improvements performed.

Some training session examples (#coming soon):

  • Ad Scheduler

  • Ad extensions

  • Retargeting

  • Ad optimization

  • Campaign types

  • Device targeting

ProAdly Coach’s benefits for you

  • Tips for an effective optimization route

  • Develop your staff and your own knowledge through training courses

  • Focused education – Suggestions targeted to account’s purpose and characteristics

  • Get to know best practices & new AdWords features

ProAdly’s Advantages